IIN offers its clients legal and financial assistance, ensuring complete transparency and serenity in each transaction. IIN offers additional services to simplify and increase the security of the purchase of a selected property, our dedicated consultants offer prospects for mortgages and loans which will guide the buyer towards the most convenient choice when evaluating the purchase of a property. IIN offers its customers practical and profitable solutions, easing the bureaucratic burden of obtaining financing and providing access to very favourable conditions thanks to agreements with the major banking institutions.


IIN carefully selects competent and experienced partners, capable of performing work of the highest quality, on time and with excellent value for money: renovation is seen as an essential part of the investment, be it aimed at structural changes or regulatory compliance. Choosing an IIN partner means carrying out your renovation with companies recognized for their professionalism and ability to fulfil all requirements.


Choosing the most harmonious and cosy colours, the most charming fabrics or the most elegant yet functional furnishings, helps to create a comfortable family atmosphere at home. Taking care of all these aspects in a new city or with little time can be difficult and tiring, thus IIN offers its customers the services of an Interior Designer appointed to take charge of all the details of personalising a property, from design to execution.


Fulfilling the need for change, the need to re-design and responding to the needs of the individual or family in any circumstance; in this regard, the management of the moving process is a key strength of IIN. From the packaging of valuables, air transportation from or outside, safe and secure storage, the certified disposal of everything that is no longer needed, these and more are ways in which IIN is able to listen to its customers, understand and anticipate their needs and ensure a trouble-free move.


To find oneself immediately at ease in an area that has been chosen as a new home or as a holiday, well- being or business location. The tutor was born with the specific task of making the customer feel at home from day one, accompanying the new owner on the discovery of an area that will feel familiar as quickly as possible. Restaurants, golf club, yacht club, the local Rotary, spas, beaches, shops and supermarkets: the role of the tutor is to introduce the client to these and other places so as to become “one of the locals” as soon as possible and benefit from the little secrets known to those who have always lived in the area right from day one.


The House Opening service provided by IIN is designed to facilitate the transfer to a new house, taking over the tasks that often require time and effort: IIN sees about the cleaning of the house, the connection of all utilities and ensuring the functionality of all else that may be required by the new owners prior to their arrival.


A house, a villa or any large property require care and maintenance. To adequately respond to these requirements, IIN provides the service of recruiting personnel suitably qualified for every need, from the management to the repair and maintenance of the property, to ensure each and every detail is perfect from the outset.

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