Villa in Santa Margherita Ligure

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670 mq 7 Bedrooms 8 Bathrooms 1 Garage
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The property is located inside the Mount Portofino Natural Park, along the coastal street that leads from Santa Margherita Ligure to Portofino: in the middle of “Spiaggia Lunga” (“Long Beach”) cove,  between Punta Pedale and Punta Cervara, overlooking the thousand-year-old Benedictine abbey.

There is a direct entrance from the seafront to the villa park, and through a path lined with flowers and various plants it is possible to reach the main building.

From the seafront is also available a comfortable access through a private lift.

The villa had been recently restored with great care from the actual owner family, respecting the natural features of the place.

It is a duplex villa, and it is already organized for an eventual division in two different units.

Ground floor is composed by several living rooms, two kitchens, a bathroom for guests, a staff area composed by a bedroom, a bathroom and a laundry room; there are also two independent entrances and two stairways to the upper floor; thanks to this detail, it is possible to split the eventual two separated units mentioned before, living them in total independence: both split in two levels, both with a broad garden.

At the upper floor there are six bedrooms, six bathrooms and three wonderful terraces.

The sea view is breathtaking from every room of the house and every corner of the park (around 1 hectare), which boasts a broad range of vegetation: from the Mediterranean woodlands to tropical plants, here it is possible to find the wonderful Trichocereus Pasacana cactuses or the scented Olea Fragrans shrubs.

The lucky position of the house gave a wonderful Thunbergia Grandiflora pergola the possibility to grow.

Then 150 century old olive trees and maritime pines, and the stunning rose garden, just to mention some examples of the arboreal heritage of the park.

The swimming pool would deserve a personal Form Template.

It is the most impressive swimming pool of Santa Margherita and Portofino, so one of the best in Italy and all over the world.

It is located in wide level lawn, few meters away from the sea, and it is powered by sea water; it is surrounded by century old olive trees and it’s part of an architectonic project of pergolas, work of the landscapist Architect Pietro Porcinai.

The property boasts also a garage and several parking lots.

Excellent privacy.

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